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Leaves & Looks: Drawing Inspiration from Fall's Colors

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Leaves & Looks: Drawing Inspiration from Fall's Colors


Okayy, let's talk about the raddest season of all – Autumn. Mother Nature's out here showing her best hues, and honestly? We're definitely here for it. And you know what's even cooler? Using those sweet fall colors to level up our vintage game. Let's break it down.

Sunny Yellows

BeThrifty Adidas Hoodie

Picture those bright ginkgo leaves, looking like they've soaked up all the summer sun. This yellow? It's the good vibes of fall. Slip into a 70s A-line skirt or a comfy fleece. It’s like wearing a bit of sunshine on those chilly days.

Fiery Reds

Think about the fiery maples setting the world on fire. Now imagine that in your wardrobe. A velvet maroon dress or a red leather jacket? Vintage pieces in this color are bold and beautiful. It’s like you're wearing the fall leaves, minus the crunch.

Chill Browns

BeThrifty Burberry

It's nature's neutral palette. A 60s suede jacket or a sleek oldschool Suit Coat in brown? It's all about that earthy, relaxed vibe.

Deep Greens

BeThrifty Gant Sweatshirt

Dark greens might sound like a spring thing, but it's also all about the mysterious side of fall. Think about those pine trees chillin' amidst the color-chaos. Got a green cotton cardigan or retro trousers? It's time to stand out from the usual and rock those greens.

Dreamy Oranges

BeThrifty Knitted Pullover Fred Perry

Pumpkins, anyone? This color's all about that cozy, warm, “let's stay in and sip cocoa” vibe. A Vintage knitted pullover in muted orange? It's like wrapping yourself in an autumn sunset.


Wrapping it up, autumn's all about those feels, and with BeThrifty's vintage picks, you're living the full fledged Autumn vibe. Sunny yellows, fiery reds, chill browns, deep greens, and dreamy oranges – throw 'em on and keep it real.

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