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Our Top 5 Favourite Midi Rock Patterns for Summer 2023

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Our Top 5 Favourite Midi Rock Patterns for Summer 2023

BeThrifty Midi Skirts

Just as we're feeling the summer, it's time for our wardrobes to do the same. Midi skirts are an evergreen statement, and they're getting a fresh makeover. Here's a peek into the patterns we're totally crushing on for Summer 2023.

1. Tropical Tidings

Carla Ferroni Geblümhter Midirock mit Blumenprint in Bunt, W33

Oh, how we've dreamt of beaches and coconut-laden trees! Summer is synonymous with tropical vibes. This year, our midis are painting stories of dense rainforests, mysterious birds, and, yes, even a pineapple or two. Whether you're beach-bound or city-strolling, this print is your ticket to an instant vacation vibe.

2. Abstract Art

Midirock in Crazyprint, W32

Every piece of art tells a story, doesn't it? This summer, our midi rocks are turning into canvases filled with dreamy tales. Swirls, splashes, and the dance of colours – each skirt is as unique as each one of us. Keep the rest of the outfit simple, and let your 'wearable art' do the talking.

3. Nautical Notes

WHA Midirock in Crazyprint, W29

Who doesn't love an ocean-inspired look? This classic returns with a fresher, younger vibe. Think playful anchors, waves that seem to move, and maybe a treasure map? Perfect for a day by the shore or when you're simply daydreaming about it.

4. Foliage & Ferns

Midirock in Crazyprint, W27

Mother Nature is making her way into our wardrobes. Imagine wearing a skirt that reminds you of a chill walk in the woods—shades of green, the rustling leaves, and the feeling of adventure.

5. Pastel Paisleys

Modiana Maxirock in Crazyprint, W29

There's something incredibly soothing about paisleys, right? This year, they're drenched in soft pastel hues! It's elegance rolled into one delightful pattern.


Q: Can I wear these patterns at formal events?
A: Of course! Some patterns, like the tropical tidings, are naturally casual. But dress it up with a chic blouse and your favourite pair of heels, and voilà! Elegance redefined.

Q: Will these patterns suit me?
A: Every pattern, every skirt, every colour has its own magic. It's all about how you feel wearing it. Trust us, there's a midi rock out there that's just waiting to make you feel amazing.

Q: How do I show my midi some love and care?
A: Follow the label's love notes (aka care instructions). But usually, a gentle wash in cold water, turning it inside out, and letting it air dry under a shade keeps it looking fresh and vibrant.

Q: I'm sold! Where can I snag these?
A: Your favourite local boutiques, trusted online havens, and even some surprise finds in department stores should have these patterns. Happy hunting!

Q: Can I mix patterns?
A: Absolutely! Fashion is your playground. Mix, match, experiment. Just remember, as long as you wear it with confidence, you're golden.

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